Facial Reflexology is a gentle, revitalizing and a very relaxing treatment of the face suitable for everyone and all ages. It’s an holistic therapy which can be used to address specific health issues or purely for facial rejuvenation.

Facial Reflexology works on the same principles as foot or hand Reflexology , but the treatment takes place on your face and head. This non-invasive treatment is based on the theory that areas on your face are connected to areas of your body, and stimulating them improves underlying energy imbalances which promotes wellbeing. The proximity of the face to the brain is key to the effectiveness of this original therapy.

During the session the entire surface of the face is stimulated , initiating a natural improvement in the blood and energetic circulation in the body. Facial Reflexology is not a beauty treatment. However, it does have rather lovely beautifying side effects, quite literally ‘lifting' the face to make your face feel and look smoother and more toned. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, stimulates the facial nerves, increases blood flow and muscle tone, helps to build up new skin tissue and improves skin tone. These all may aid in contributing to an enhanced feeling of whole body wellbeing, increased relaxation and a glowing complexion.