Infrared therapy treatment

What is Far Infrared therapy (FIR)
Far Infrared Ray are waves of energy, totally invisible to the naked eye, capable of penetrating deep into the human body, where they gently elevate the body’s surface temperature, and activate major bodily functions.
infrared therapy 1024x724 Infrared therapy treatment
Far Infrared Heat Benefits:

- Far Infrared - expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation. Alleviation of breathing problems and congestion.
- Far Infrared is excellent for detox – heat expands the capillaries and then initiates the start of a process to dissolve hidden toxins. Far Infrared thereby promotes elimination of fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood:
- poisons, carcinogenic heavy metals
- toxic substances from food processing
- lactic acid, free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat associated with aging
- excess sodium associated with hypertension and uric acid which causes pain.
- Far Infrared stimulates enzyme activity - FIR emits Photons – photons help release Enzymes – enzymes stimulate macrophage activity increasing the elimination of damaged and diseased tissues – Nitric Oxide is released which expands capillaries and increases circulation.
- Far Infrared may induce the killing of varied pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.
- Far Infrared promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury). Furthermore, it increases growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis all necessary during tissue repair and regeneration. Excellent for healing burns, scar tissue and skin problems such as acne and skin breakouts.
- Far Infrared relieves nervous tension and relax auto-neuro-muscles thereby helping the body make the most of its intended healing abilities. FIR reduces soreness on nerve endings and muscle spasms, as muscle fibers are heated. Rapid reduction of swelling, inflammation and associated pain. Relaxation of muscles and relief of muscular aches – reduces back, shoulder and neck pains.
- Far Infrared strengthens and supports the Immune System by stimulating increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.
- Far Infrared strengthens the Cardiovascular System by causing heart rate and cardiac output increase, and diastolic blood pressure decrease
- Far Infrared aids in the destruction of cancer cells which cannot survive if the temperature of the cell becomes 107.6F/42C and above. Heat therapy, commonly known as hyperthermia, is used for chronic diseases, including malignant cells.
- Far Infrared improves general body functions, and relieves tiredness and stress in both body and mind.

Types of Aquatonale Body Wraps

Different Types of Body Wraps
There are several different types of body wraps that you can choose at Mystery Of Beauty:

• Aquatonale Algae Gel Body Wrap – with its protective and remineralizing properties, this Algae Gel Body Wrap conditions the skin, activates the microcirculation and is a perfect introduction to treatments. Active principles: ALGINATE  – gelatinous substance produced by seaweeds, the algin also is used for its protective and anti-pollution properties. LAMINARIA DIGITATA EXTRACT – algae enriched in mineral salts and iodine having relaxing and remineralizing effects. It also brings slimming effect because it enables
the lipids bio-catalysis and improves the adiposities removal

• Aquatonale Sea Mud Body wrap – due to it’s high contents in minerals and trace elements, this natural Sea Mud remineralizes, tonifies, detoxifies and rebalances the body by transcutaneous penetration. It absorbs toxins and fatty tissues, contributing in your well-being. Has a slimming and relaxing effect. Can also be used as anti-rheumatisms, and again body stiffness. A layer of therapeutic mud is applied to the skin to detoxify, cleanse, and firm the skin.  The anti-stress properties of the mud eases water retention and cleanses the pores by drawing out impurities.
• Aquatonale Clay Body wrap – enriched with marine clay and its trace elements, this complete skincare strengthens the orgaThermonism’s protection, soothes articular tensions and brings back softness and comfort to the skin. It is particularly recommended in case of muscles tiredness, sensation of heavy legs, articulations pain… and offers considerable decongestive properties. For a soothing and regenerating well-being moment

• Aquatonale Thermo Slimming Body Wrap – enriched with actives focusing on reducing the cellulite appearance, this Slimming Wrap encloses formulations that contribute to firming the tissues, releasing fatty acids, smoothing the skin, tonifying the epidermis… to perfect the silhouette and bring a slimming efficiency.The complementary combination of the thermo activity of a specific ingredient with the slimming properties of the Laminaria algae give this skincare a slimming efficiency by favoring the lipids and fatty acids release.

Algae Body Wrap

What are the Benefits of a Body Wrap?

Algae and seaweed wraps are designed to boost metabolism and enhance skin health. The treatment involves body application of seaweed or algae in a foil wrap. Both of these ingredients are rich in vitamins and amino acids, which can be absorbed through the skin. Algae and seaweed wraps are thought to aid in detoxification by causing the body to release toxins through sweat. The seaweed wrap also improves the skin tone, texture and elasticity. The best way that a seaweed wrap helps to detoxify the body is through the sweating process that helps to eliminate impurities from the body. Body wraps are a type of spa treatment and they are designed to either slim and tone the body, hydrate or firm the skin, or relax and soothe the muscles.  The common denominator in all body wraps is that you are wrapped in something – mud in order to gain a therapeutical benefit.  Some body wraps have the additional benefits of relieving tired or heavy legs and aching joints, easing inflammation, and helping to flush toxins from the body through sweating.

body Algae Body WrapWhat Happens During A Body Wrap?

Typical body wrap sessions begin with an exfoliation of the skin using a Aquatonale Marine Touch Scrub which conditions the skin perfectly and removes dead cells and impurities for abetter skin comfort, it offers energizing and relaxing properties associated with a subtle fragrance with sweet woody notes. The patient then lays down on whatever it is they will be wrapped in, which is usually a form of plastic – therapist applying Body Wrap Mask  ( Gel, Clay or Mud ) – once the product is on the body, you are wrapped to stay warm as the body wrap works its magic on your skin. When the 20 minutes is up, the wrap is removed and the body mask is immediately washed off. Finally, you are dried off and a Aquatonale Gentle Modeling Cream is applied to your skin with modeling movements, favor the blood flow stimulation while draining tissues and contribute to enhancing the actives penetration. Body wraps are a great for relaxation and skin rejuvenation. A Body Wrap works on cellulite–the lumps, bulges and bumps that form on the thighs, hips, stomach and upper arms. Because cellulite is not regular fat, diet and exercise do not take it off.  A Body Mask triggers the body to release these toxins, and causes the loss of inches. Toxins that have accumulated in cellulite have built up over a long period of time. You will not lose all of them with just one Body Wrap, and thus we recommend a series of treatments. Aquatonale Body Wrap work for both men and women.

Our skin in winter

Chapped lips and dry skin is one of the most common winter skin problems . However, with a bit of desire and with a few simple treatments can easily make the skin glow and softness, even at the lowest temperatures. Check out how to do it.

your skin winter 1371650505 Our skin in winter Dry skin in the winter

How do I know when the skin needs more hydration ? Most often it will be dry, taut and begin to peel . In that situation you should think about more intense cream. On the other site , if your skin becomes shiny, a few hours after applying the cream or if it appeared of acne , most likely you’re using too intense cosmetic.
By choosing the appropriate cosmetics , moisturizers, look for the ingredients to attract moisture from the environment , such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid. Besides, a good cream should contain plant oils that retain moisture , such as rosehip oil , avocado and hazelnut .
To moisturize the skin in winter , you should also change the cosmetics that you use to clean skin . If you are using exfoliating preparations , and skin still lack of hydration , try a creamy facial cleanser and reduce the frequency of use of exfoliating scrubs .
Drinking water will help you with skin hydration. Optimal its quantity of 6-8 glasses a day . As for the effective repair the skin from inside , it is worth to take vitamin E and omega – 3 . And do not forget to place a humidifier in the bedroom .

Flaky skin in winter

If, despite the use of appropriate moisturizing cosmetics can not stop the peeling skin , you should use a combination of gentle exfoliating and moisturizing lotion . For this purpose you can use a special fine scrub , brush or sponge or moisturizing  cosmetic which includes ingredients such as glycolic acid or lactic acid. The last option is not recommended for sensitive skin .
For body care you can use oil-based cosmetic, which rebuilds the skin’s natural lipid barrier . Lotion or cream is best applied directly after cleansing .
If you have problem with chapped lips – easily handle it by gently rubbing the surface with a soft toothbrush . Then applied layer of highly generous mouth moisturizing lotion , preferably one that contains natural waxes, shea butter or vegetable oils . Cracked skin can be irritated. To bring her immediate relief , apply cortisone cream .

Beautiful skin starts in the kitchen!

food kopia Beautiful skin starts in the kitchen!Beautiful skin starts in the kitchen!

Our dietary preferences have a direct impact on the appearance of our body. The recipe for beautiful and healthy skin is not only carefully selected cosmetics and daily care , an important role is played by our daily menu . So what to eat to nourish our skin from the inside ? What are the principles of nutrition should stick to maintain healthy looking skin , hair and nails ?
First you must learn to make daily food choices , start reading labels, choose foods rich in nutrients, avoid  chemical products. Here are a few rules that will help you take care of your skin :

- Beware of consuming trans fats – these are hydrogenated vegetable oils, thousands of products ranging from margarine spreads through all kinds of cookies, until the fries.
- Avoid products which can contain white flour, large amounts of sugar , chemicals that cause the skin to become dried out , dull and weaker.
- Unsubscribe from : sweetened drinks (especially carbonated ) , fried meat, white bread, products containing simple carbohydrates .
- Bet on products with a high content of omega -3 , eat fish – at least 3 times a week ( the best greasy fish) eg: herring, salmon and mackerel. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the redness and inflammation , e.g. associated with acne .
- Beware of dehydration of the skin, in addition to an appropriate amount of liquid (about 2 liters per day ) , it is very important vitamin A ( and its provitamin ) and vitamin E , H , niacin and B5, which affect the retention of water in the epidermis , thus safeguarding its equilibrium water – fat. The result – smooth, pleasant in  touch skin all over the body .
- Limit salt – excess is excreted by the skin , and in the case of oily skin it promotes the formation of inflammation.
- Beware of stimulants – coffee, alcohol – giving a very bad effect on the skin,
- Of particular importance for the health and appearance of skin , hair and nails is zinc. We can find it a lot in seafood , the fish, the pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil .

 Remember ! Food can be medicine for the skin, if  you follow certain rules.

What SERUM will do for you?

What SERUM will do for you?aquatonale serum What SERUM will do for you?

Every day you type on your skin various creams. Sometimes  you are not satisfied with the results of their actions. Sometimes, the effect is too weak. It is time to reach for the magic that is cosmetic serum. It has a more concentrated ingredients more potent than regular cream. Thanks to its effect on our skin is sometimes beneficial. You cleanse, you exfoliate and you moisturize. That’s enough for your skin, right? Not so fast — you should add a serum to your skin-care routine. Here’s why and how.
If you cleanse twice a day and moisturize well — with a sunscreen in the morning and a restorative night cream come bedtime — then you’ve covered your bases when it comes to caring for your skin, right? Well, you could be doing more for your skin by simply adding one more product to your arsenal of beauty goods: a serum.


What is a SERUM ?

           A serum contains concentrated active ingredients. As such, you may notice they often come with a heftier price tag than, say, your average moisturizer. It’s these high-tech active ingredients that make the product more expensive, and while they’re often in a smaller percentage in your lotion, they make up more of a serum – but you only need to use a few drops at a time on your face.How to use a serum?A variety of serums are available on the market. Some are for day use, others for nighttime, and some are formulated with specific benefits in mind (meaning they target specific skin concerns, such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or uneven texture). It’s important to carefully read and follow the directions to get the most benefit from them. Some serums are designed to work on your skin at night when your epidermis is in repair mode. Others might not be safe to use during the daytime, as they contain ingredients that make your skin sensitive, and sun exposure may be risky if your skin is in this sensitized state.
You should apply a serum to freshly cleansed skin — the idea is to allow the serum to soak into your skin well — before you apply your moisturizer. After cleansing your face, pat your skin with a towel, and with your skin still moist, gently apply a smaIl amount (a few drops is sufficient) of the serum. Serums often come in a gel or oil format, and while you may find they provide some moisturization, often you’ll still need to use your cream or lotion on top of the serum. Be sure to apply the serum directly onto your skin rather than mixing a few drops into your moisturizer. It’s the direct application of the concentrated serum that will garner you the best results.

The best recommended serums !

Aquatonale Hydrating Serum
This serum concentration in Chitosan enables it to offer the skin the necessary elements to its hydration and to the stimulation of cells renewal. Combined to an exclusive marine active complex, this skincare moisturizer gives back softness to the epidermis while protecting it against external aggressions. The skin comfort is restored in a real moment of well-being.

Aquatonale Purifying Serum
Thanks to a specific marine algae action and to its exclusive active complex, this Purifying Concentrate helps reduce the production of sebum. Thus, it fights actively against cutaneous imperfections, purifying the epidermis and restoring its balance to reveal a matified skin.

Aquatonale Anti-Aging Serum
By stimulating the tissue renewal and contributing actively to maintaining the epidermis hydration, this Anti-Aging Concentrate, enriched with a Hyaluronic Acid Complex, helps reduce the apparent signs of cutaneous aging. It gives back suppleness and firmness to the skin while providing it with an undisputable moment of well-being thanks to its light and fluid texture

Aquatonale Clarifying Serum
This Serum targeted action helps limit the melanin synthesis and clarify the complexion. It contributes to fighting against the appearance of brown spots and evens the skin tone thanks to its specific marine active known for its proven lightening effects. This skincare serum  also provides a sensation of comfort and  leaves the skin more luminous and radiant.

Aquatonale Revitalizing Serum
By combining the Taurine re-vitalizing activity to the benefits of its specifically selected marine active, this serum contributes to boosting the skin. It protects it and stimulates its energetic production in order to strengthen it against external aggressions and restore its radiance. Signs of tiredness disappear to reveal a fresh and toned up complexion

What missing from our face skin care regimen?

What missing from our face skin care regimen?

face cream mask 2 What missing from our face skin care regimen?

Cleanser?    Check….OK
Toner?        Check…OK
Cream?       Check…OK
What missing???? ………………..


         There you have it – the complete skin care regimen. Right? Actually, there’s something missing here, and it’s missing from many of our customers’ routines:  the Facial Cream Mask.

Facial masks provide deep nourishment to the skin, so why do so many people neglect this pampering product? Because it takes time – most masks need to remain on the skin for about 15 minutes. Not many people are looking for ways to add time to their skin-care routine, however the benefits are many. Masks can be used to moisturize, detoxify, increase circulation and replenish nutrients. But above all, they add an extra dimension to the skin care routine, and they are truly pampering.

“It’s something what we can do at home, that will give us the effect which we can get at the Spa.“

         The first step in helping our customers choose the correct mask is to identify their skin type and find something that will work for them. You want a mask that is going to fill the needs of your skin, so obviously someone with acne doesn’t need a hydrating mask because they already have too much oil, figure out what dimension of care skin still needs, and find a mask that’s designed to meet that need.
The following roundup of facial masks is broken down by skin type to help retailers navigate the latest offerings.

 ANTI-AGING CREAM MASK for Mature skin
Is entirely dedicated to the beauty and health of the mature skin. Specifically formulated anti-wrinkle cream mask to give a smooth, firm and supple skin to women, the anti-aging skincare focus their action on cutaneous aging signs. Thus, thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid properties and a marin active particularly selected for its anti-aging activity, the skin is nourished, softened, energized and reveals its glow and natural beauty again. Cocooning, creamy and melting, this beauty skincare nourishes the skin and stimulates its collagen synthesis. It helps firm up the epidermis, bring it a long lasting hydration and reduce its wrinkles and fine lines while offering it a real sensation of comfort. The skin is softer, its natural beauty and young-looking glow are restored.
0.5% MARINE ACTIVE to stimulate blood flow and prevent circulatory congestion


Dehydration is the main factor to cutaneous aging skin of elasticity and comfort. In order to fight against weak hydration and bring to the epidermis all the benefits of a mastered moisturization, Aquatonale developed a specific cream mask with a targeted efficiency. Entirely dedicated to skin respect and well-being, the moisturizing mask nourishes it and protects it from external aggressions while offering regenerating and restructuring properties to give it back its natural suppleness, softness and beauty.Contributing to skin hydration, protecting it, restoring its suppleness and well-being by nourishing it… This creamy and melting skincare moisturizer answers ideally to these needs thanks to its exclusive Chitosan complex, its specific marine active and its Vitamin E for the skin to enjoy its comfort and natural beauty again in a real moment of softness.This mask is mild enough to be used daily, according to needs.
0.1% ALLANTOIN rejuvenate and nourish.


Fight against oily skins daily problems (imperfections, sebum excess, shine complexion, acne and prone skin…), specially formulated to bring freshness and well-being to unbalanced epidermises. Thanks to its marine and vegetable actives, these cream mask help normalize the sebum production, purify the epidermis, reduce imperfections and refine skin texture for a glowing and purified complexion. The unctuous and confortable texture of this Purifying Cream Mask allows it to offer a real moment of well-being and purity. From the moment it is applied onto the skin, it absorbs impurities and sebum excess, refining pores and skin texture. Healthier, the epidermis is purified and matified for a greater comfort and a luminous complexion.
0.5% MARINE ACTIVE and sea algae tone and provide nourishment.


REVITALIZING CREAM MASK for Normal and Dull skin
Stress, tiredness and external aggressions… are among the main factors to dull complexion. Thanks to formulations selected with care and actives with targeted efficiency, the Aquatonale revitalizing cream mask offers the skin softening, toning and protective properties in order to smooth over signs of tiredness, enhance the skin natural glow and give it back comfort and tonicity for a brilliant complexion. Creamy and melting, this smooth and cocooning skincare cream mask brings the best benefits of the Taurine and marine active it contains. Energizing, stimulating, protective and regenerating, it restores the skin comfort, helps it strengthen its defences against external aggressions. Tiredness signs fade away and the complexion is radiant.
Algae Extract Stimulating and protective agent, this vegetable marine active fights against free radicals production,contributes to the oxygen release, stimulates the ATP synthesis (“energy” molecule) and reduces the risks of dehydration.
Adenosine Triphosphate Taurine is a “membrane stabilizer”, protecting the cells and maintaining their structure when facing stress and other external aggressions. It also offers a revitalizing effect.


BRIGHTENING CREAM MASK for skin  with  hyperpigmentation problems
Brown spots appearance, uneven skin tone and some hyperpigmentation problems are directly due to a chronic sun exposure and tend to get worse with age. In order to fight against this phenomenon and brighten the skin complexion, Aquatonale developed brightening cream mask of which actives have been specially selected to clarify the skin and restore its glow. In a moment of well-being, imperfections fade away to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion.
MARINE ACTIVE (Palmaria Palmata Extract) – Enriched with xylose and galactose, this red algae acts on different levels :
– Limits the melanogenesis by inhibiting the tyrosinase activity
– Reduces the synthesis of the proteic anchorage complex, essential to transport the melanosoms to the keratinocytes – Inhibites the synthesis of the Stem Cell Factor (SCF), and thus, controls photo-inducted pigmentation.
ARBUTIN – Natural extract found in bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) plants, Arbutin blocks epidermal melanin biosynthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of Tyrosine and Dopa structurally. This leads to a skin lightening active that acts faster and more efficiently than existing single components, minimizes liver spots and reduces the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure.



Mystery of Beauty has an experience in health and beauty industry. We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality and service for our clients. We needed our web space where we can post something for you, some text, something that you may be interested in. We want to share with you our beauty’s information & advices. This type of things you wish to ask a beauty expert.

This place will be used for publication of our opinion on topics related to cosmetic’s habits, news, products and treatments as well as advices about “day to day” your home care. Obviously We will try to share it with you only if they are opinions worth showing, serious and thoughtful. We want to create this blog for you who are looking for professional answers for your queries. No matter how old you are and what your main skin’ problem or doubt. We are sure that every one will find something.

At the beginning I want to give you some of the valuable information about what surely is worth to try this spring at the professional beauty studio. After a long winter, which I do not really know when will go away for good …. We need something that gives our skin a healthy and young look. Something that has a bacteriostatic action (helps to treat acne and other skin’ problems.) Why not try Mandelic acid??? Mendalic acid can be used even with sensitive skins & skin with the rosacea’ problem.

mandelic acid Hello

Mandelic acid 40% + AHA + lactobionic acid,

pH 1.6. For a professional peel.



Active ingredients in Aquatonale Acid Peeling

Lactobionic acid : this is an alpha hydroxy acid of new generation. It activates the cell exfoliation of the surface layer of the epidermis, thus stimulating skin repair mechanisms. It strengthens the skin barrier through his unique ability to bind water in the epidermis. It stimulates production of collagen fibers in fibroblasts, prevents the appearance of spider veins, increases the elasticity of blood vessels. It is a powerful antioxidant.

Mandelic acid : thanks to its unique molecular structure, mandelic acid provides gentle exfoliation and respectful of your skin that enables the divisions of epidermal cells. It harmonizes the structure of the skin and helps to increase its strength from the deepest part of the layers of the epidermis. With its exceptional antibacterial it ensures optimal care for oily skin and acne. It lightens dark spots and evens skin tone, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin thereby promoting the skin’s elasticity.

Lactic acid : this powerful moisturizing action, normalizes the process of desquamation of the skin by removing dead layers of the stratum corneum. It stimulates the production of ceramide which helps strengthen the skin lipid barrier and reduce water loss from the epidermis. It prevents clogging of sebaceous glands and fight against bacteria and preventing inflammation.